Proclamation Gin
IDENTITY COPYWRITING PACKAGING In 1934, Proclamation 652 declared the Sampaguita as the national flower of the Philippines. The typographical design emulates the direct and bold style of official declaration papers, with the word "Proclamation" serving as the brand name, while the other details are arranged for visual balance.

The neutral color palette reflects the Sampaguita's hues, symbolizing humility, purity, and strength.

The design aimed for simplicity, cleanliness, and balance, akin to the gin's profile.

Inspired by the notion of a newspaper announcement, the bottle wrap imitates the texture of paper, providing an organic, creased appearance that complements the brand. The label's elements were deconstructed to ensure a strong visual appearance, regardless of how the bottle is wrapped, serving as a protective covering rather than conventional bubble wrap.

Recipient of the Gold Medal for Design at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)