Creative Responses to Sustainability Guide - Portugal, Cambodia, Australia, and Spain 
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ASEF Creative Responses to Sustainability / ASEF Crafting 
BOOK DESIGN ICONOGRAPHY INFOGRAPHICS Since 2015, has been publishing the series Creative Responses to Sustainability, a series of country-specific guides that look at arts organizations addressing issues of sustainability in their artistic practice in several countries of Asia and Europe.

Each of the country-specific guides compiles a diverse array of creative responses, articles, and a series of conversations with artists, collectives, and organizations addressing various fundamental practices. These resources aim to unveil a wide range of approaches to explore the challenges encountered when creating work in the field. They are structured as a patchwork of stories and practices that aim to comprehend how a creative practice enables us to delve into the immense complexities of our era.

Inksurge also has worked on the new series on crafts and innovation. These country-specific guides examine various types of organizations (such as not-for-profits, NGOs, and private businesses) that have integrated age-old creative practices with innovative design approaches to create distinctive objects and products.

Inksurge has collaborated with ASEF Culture360, alongside ASEF’s Culture Director, Ms. Valentina Riccardi, since 2018. Their collaboration involves the design, illustration, and art direction of these guides, which have been published both online and offline.