In the Landscapes of Narratives and False Monuments
BOOK DESIGN In the midst of the relentless pandemic in 2021, Jigger Cruz's exhibition entitled "In the Landscapes of Narratives and False Monuments" was restrained, limited by the challenging circumstances. However, a glimmer of opportunity arose when Tina Fernandez and Norman Crisologo approached us with an intriguing proposition: to conceive and design a book that would showcase the thoughts and documentation behind the show's creative processes. After a few discussions, an agreement emerged: the book would be embellished with partial paintings by the artist himself, evoking a harmonious fusion of visuals and written narratives. Little did we anticipate Jigger's move when he decided to go beyond the boundaries, transforming the book's cover into a captivating exhibit in its own right—an addition that would surprised attendees (even us) during its launch, two years later.

This project pushes the boundaries of remote design, as it encompasses various aspects that are typically easier to handle in person. From the never-ending cycle of prototyping to the challenges of sourcing specific paper types, to the meticulous testing of case construction and careful selection of frames that harmoniously fit within the confines of the case.

Exhibition Design: Norman Crisologo
Photography: artinformal
Design & Layout: Inksurge

62 pages, smyth-sewn binding with cover wrapped around with ISU Canvas Roll Natural Cotton, inside pages printed on Natural Evolution White 120 GSM, flyleaf using Curious Skin Black 135 GSM and box assembled with Direct Printing on MDF Board