In the film banner, the notion of classic cinema projection and the synesthesia of film genres were married.

The abstract visualizations of drama, fantasy, horror, action, and romance and projected these onto the massive pillars of the identity. This infusion creates a different flavor that is both a tribute to vintage movie houses and a leap forward to wherever else cinema will take us.

Client @animastudiosph | Video by @wearetheacidhouse | Music by @ukayslut

IDENTITY PRINT ANIMA stands as an entertainment production studio situated in the Philippines, housing a team of committed content creators and compelling storytellers specialized in film, television, and branded audio-video productions.

Be it a television series, a brief cinematic piece, a diverse show, or a music video that evokes emotions—be it laughter, tears, inspiration, information, or empowerment—you can rely on us to be the embodiment of and participate in every aspect of the daily existence of Filipinos.

Presented with bold and distinctive lines shaping the term 'A N I M A,' the ascending and descending strokes symbolize the constant fluctuation of life's dynamics and the continually changing range of human emotions.